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Eat, sleep, run, write essays, read books, draw, throw pots, maybe sail a little on the weekends (or ice-boat in the winter) That's me right now.

Current Everything project: pot throwing and grammar

Note that this is also my current real-world project.

Pots successfully gotten to a stage where they look like pots: bunches
Pots saved: 2 (not real great ones)

IM: esjewettii


    My highest rep node to date: The use of who and whom at 13 rep points.
    Reputation to node ratio: *Temporarily out of order*
    C! count: 5 (It just keeps going up :>)

High school schedule for this year:

  1. Theory of Knowledge (Philosophy of sorts)
  2. IB English HL2
  3. IB Math HL2 (Calculus, Statistics, Algebra)
  4. IB Spanish SL (5th year Spanish)
  5. IB History HL2 (History of the Americas)
  6. IB Art SL 3 dimensional
(Its not as hard as it looks from all those extra letters)

To do (in no particular order):

    Make a to do list