"Ladies and gentlemen, live from Auckland's beautiful Onehunga it's the best TV show ever. It's Back of the Y: masterpiece televison!"

Shit sets, stock footage and bad editing created this great piece of the New Zealand Television tradition. Used as a platform for a small group of talentless student film makers to show their small films and crap stunts.

When a man was shot by the police for smashing store windows with a golf club in broad daylight, controversy arose about the actions of the police officers involved. Naturally Back of the Y shows a piece where the NZPD take down a child with a 'replica' water pistol.

"cause in this age of rap music, violent videogames, and pokemon, every child is a potential killer."

With the help of the most retarded mechanic from the South Island, Spanners Watson, stuntman Randy Cambell had enough technological backing to build a rocket car.

"The Spirit of Russell Crowe; 'Our Russ'"

To jump Back of the Y studios was a stunt Randy had attempted before, but never with such an awesome best. It was a beautiful Onehunga evening, and the crowd was anxious to see how things would turn out. Reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h, but then suddenly...

"..the stunt goes horribly wrong!"

The ejection seat fitted by the incomptent stunt coordinator Dick Johansonson misfires. Randy approaches the ramp on the seat at walking pace, and smacks into the studio. Did I mention it is E-X-treme?!

Of course a long run of such an edgy, rough, and sexy program such as this was not to be. The censors of TV 2, put the whole show to a grinding halt at the end of 2001, and the creators parted on bad terms, Danny Parker having been decapitated by a Mitsi Lancer controlled by Randy Cambell (Although they have been seen together quite often as a large part of the show's band, Deja Voodoo)