I saw Duncan Sheik at Schubas in Chicago... a perfect little venue should you ever get the chance.

So there I was, basking aurally in Duncan's liquid, melodious strains...and after concluding A Mirror in the Heart, it was quiet...so very quiet that as he was selecting a guitar to begin tuning for the next piece I suddenly uttered, 'Thank you, Duncan.' I was only about ten feet away from him...and my voice obviously carried as the ripples of laughter and then clapping moved through the room...

Duncan replied 'You're welcome,' smiling.

It was so intimate... There we were, a hundred or so devotees and an artist. And I was thinking, wow, how fortunate to get the chance to do such a simple thing as thank a musician that affects you, someone who contributes to the soundtrack of your life. A person capable of making you relive every centimeter of your pain, or revel in the elation of love without even knowing you.