A brief note regarding the Eternal Champion:

1) an interesting wrinkle is the introduction in 1994 by Tad Williams of Shemei Uendrijj, a black man with a white sword named Cloudhurler. Introduced in White Wolf Publishing's Tales of the White Wolf, the first anthology of non-Moorcock Elric stories. Moorcock notes in the introduction that he has contacted Williams and asked if he could write about the Gypsy Prince.

Another piece of information:
There are three objects of power in the Multiverse.

  • The Black Sword, the souleater, slayer of innocents.
  • The Runestaff. This object can only exist under certain specific conditions, and so it creates a zone of these conditions around it. If you have the Runestaff you can survive in Chaos-filled places.
  • The Grail. The von Bek family are custodians of the Grail. Although von Beks can be the Eternal Champion, they can also be his partners, companions, or adversaries.