Tomorrow I wake up into the first real day of my return to Israel, before my return traveling (in 30 days)

Tomorrow, I am back to Sharon, Barak, Arafat, Falafel, Real Food, Sababa, Arsim, Ktaaim, My Life, My Family, Subaru, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, IDF, My Dog, and so much more…

I don’t want to stay here.

TLV-BKK 30/10/2004 via Royal Jordanian is all that I think off.

I am sucked into reality quite fast, watching the news and wondering why here we see pictures of Hamas members with Qassam Rockets and then running into a U.N. marked van, yet it’s not on the news anywhere else in the world.

Defending my country on IRC to the random trouble makers who come in bad mouthing me and my people. Yes we are not perfect, but we don’t run around on #spain complaining about the Basque do we? People should learn not to involve themselves and hand out blame for problems they don’t understand and probably will never take the time to…

I want to leave. I want to go back to where my problems are “Another Beer?” and staying a week somewhere because it’s too beautiful to leave. Where conversations started by the simplest questions lead to life long friendships, invitations into other cultures and sometimes just some insight on people, concepts and ideas.

Playing QianHong because it reminds me of the long train rides from Beijing to Chengdu or Kashgar to Urumuqi. Watching the forgien language TV stations because they show places far away. Finding I am more interested in friends that have recently traveled than those who are busy turning into the bourgeois.

Random thoughts, Just what I feel. Typing this up makes me feel filthy, like this is some blog and I am some teenager writing away not knowing that some day my creativity and passion might shrivel and dry up.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.


No tomorrow is just preseason, I will get on with my life later.

TLV-BKK 30/10/2004

Is my tomorrow.