Five years ago today I was drafted.

It feels like yesterday. I served 38 months in the IDF, it the whole experience is still a big part of my life, I talk about the army way too much, and am still in touch with a couple of army buddies.

I wonder about almost everyone I’ve met while serving, even if only knowing them for a week, even if I have never seen or heard from them again. I still wonder.

The other day I met this guy who was with me during my first course (15 ton and above Truck Driving) he’s a cool guy, I’ve met him a couple times since, funny enough but he towed my car twice, he no longer works for the towing company, he’s studying computers now.

The week before I hung with this guy I served over two years with, we smoked some weed, we drank some whiskey, it should’ve been cool, but it wasn’t.

The army is such a big part of my life, yet I am so glad I finished it, so glad I am free, free to work everyday, and free to pay taxes, and free to not get discounts for movies and food, and free to have to actually do something in order to survive. Errr, I think.

Five years ago today I was drafted, 1 year 10 months ago I was released, 1 year since was spent abroad travelling and 1 year working doing computer shit.

I wonder where I’ll be five years from today, I wonder if I’ll care.