do you feel changed all the time,
always like who you were before is
                                   d i s c o n n e c t e d
completely from who you are now?

do you shift yearly, monthly
sometimes hourly
into somebody new?

when your moods change radically
        with such little stimulation
are the previous gone completely?
        swept away?


hour one there is a problem, complex and insurmountable
frustration: an answer hidden only from yourself
frustration with things that can't be changed

hour two, solution came easy, the world is beautiful and true
and you know you're for real, somebody special
and you know how wonderful forever could feel

hour three visits you with reasonless meaningless hopelessness
hollow and questing for something to feel
hollow and trying to find the answers

hour four hears the telephone, swiftly blanking introspection
refit your responses to fit their assumptions
refit yourself into who they think they know