For the past few weeks there's been a part of a verse from the venerable Nightswimming by REM as my AIM profile:

September's coming soon
I'm pining for the moon
And what if there were two,
Side by side in orbit,
Around the fairest sun?

And now its September 2nd. My profile has been changed, the beauty that was August and July and June is gone.

Get on board, babies, September isn't coming soon, it's here.

I shouldn't be freaking out like this. I shouldn't be saying "freaking out," what with my advanced vocabulary and all.

I guess its all a matter of September.

September means school. Back to school sales at Sears. Big crowds at the mall, scrambling for the tax free shopping week. Little girls in training bras wearing halter tops to the first day of fourth grade and highschool freshmen, such as myself, crowding into the local highschool. Home of the Cyclones, Lady Cyclones, and the largest group of binge drinkers under 16 you'll find in my part of suburbia.

For what will be, undoubtedly, an enriching and unique experience.