I would rather own a CD of an artist who I feel deserves my money than just have their albums saved on my HD. I can take a CD with me and drop it into a stereo in a car or with me to work, or out for others to hear. I don't have to rip, encode it or download it. Its there. Its on demand and its still the format that nearly everyone is using for music.

Even though there's so much hype over Napster, mp3s are still a novelty in the sense that they can't be taken from home because the average person doesn't own a portable mp3 player and would probably not want to spend the time learning how to convert and then burn audio CDs from mp3. Plus, mp3s sound inferior.

Having a CD is something tangible in the sense that it can be replaced. If you lose your CDs to theft, fire or an act of God (if you're covered for that..), they can be replaced. If your HD crashes or you step on the case to some Mp3 CD, you're basically screwed and you need to replace 650mb of music again.

I like mp3s because they are an incredible way to spread sound around. Its good to hear what's out there and really establish what you like to hear, instead of sitting at HMV for 5 minutes, skipping through shit and deciding whether or not you should buy it or not.

Mp3s make it possible to preview rare and imported material before you order it and having the album on mp3 makes it a little more bearable when the guy at the record store gives you a blank stare when you ask him if he has it in stock. After you ask him to order it, you can still go home and listen to the album on your box.