A lackluster amusement park on Centre Island in Toronto and is a hot spot for American Tourists, children and teens who grope one another on the dark and haunted house-type ride.

Some other features that Centreville carries include:

-A maze of cedar bushes;
-The Zumba Flume;
-The Scrambler;
-Mini Golf;
-Bumper Boats;
-a Petting Zoo;
-Bumper Cars;
-A scenic train and a Skyride Parasol thing that can be seen in one of the Police Academy movies.

Aside from the obvious need for polish, Centreville is a relaxing place to walk through. There are no cars and you're free to wander around the rest of the islands and explore the other places to see but its an eerie place to walk through at night, or while intoxicated. The theme of the park is a town in a Western façade and at night, all the windows and doors are boarded up and chained across. The feeling of emptiness and unpopularity of Centreville is amplified at this time and it makes you want to leave quickly.

Children of young ages appreciate Centreville the most, as they are entertained with an assortment of rides that allow them to steer cars through pathways by themselves as well as the carousel and ferris wheel.

To get to the island, board the ferry to Centre Island from the docks at Bay St. and Queen's Quay. If you go at night, make sure to note what time the last ferry to the city leaves.