I awoke with a start, not sure about anything.
Sitting up in bed, listening to the Captain murmuring over the 1MC announcing system, I realized several things, none of which were good.
  1. I am not at home. I am on a Naval Vessel somewhere in the ocean.
  2. I am late.
Yet another inauspicious way to start the day. A General Quarters (A 'Now man your battle stations' kind of thing) drill occurs as I finish brushing my teeth. Great. Afterwards, I catch up on some paperwork, and node my first bit of the nodeshell world fiction project. I like the idea, because now I have some place to stick the little flickers of creativity that light the inside of my eyes.

Watch begins at 11:30, so I am off for lunch and boredom. Unfortunately, no boredom. Instead, I am greeted with another major lube oil leak. I am an engineering casualty waiting to happen. But that's ok.

It is 5:00 pm, and I have not yet seen the sun.
It happens all the time. I go days without seeing it.
It is dark. No sun today. Will try again tomorrow.

Go ahead, down vote me, you rat bastards!