CCBill is a website billing company that processes credit card orders over the Internet, mostly for pornographic websites. I happen to work for CCBill, and I get to see all the Internet porn I want. Now, when I go home at night, I spend less time on porn sites because I've been desensitized to it. But since they won't let employees masturbate at work, I haven't stopped visiting porn sites altogether.

Some folks get CCBill confused with IBill, another website billing company. But basically, if either CCBill or IBill show up on your credit card statement, that means that you like porn. An 800 number is listed next to our name on the statement, so you can call us and say, "What kinda porn do I like?" You might want to consider -not- having your wife call us to find out for you, because she may feel dejected and unnecessary as a partner in your life. I suppose, in some circumstances, this may be beneficial for some. But generally, it gets a lot of folks in trouble, so hide your credit card statements from your wife.