Source Direct is the main pseudonym for the two St. Albans based producers, James Baker and Phil Aslett, both intent on breaking the barriers of breakbeat experimentation. junglists to the finest degree.

Goldie has referred to them as "a couple of amoebas" because they work so closely together. The two of them started making their tunes at the age of 13 and eventually hooked up with Ipswich based Certificate 18.

Since then they have recorded on numerous labels such as Basement, Odysee, Street Beats, Mo' Wax and have released two singles on Metalheadz (METH016 & METH022) and one singles on Razors Edge ( RAZORS003).

Central to their musical thesis is their determination to move forward. "We're looking to push ourselves as we always have done and we're looking to reach the so-called borders where nobody's been."

At present they are working on their debut album for Virgin Records offshoot label " Science". Jim and Phil are set to keep rollin out the beatz for a long time to come - with the energy coming direct from the source.