1971 Film Directed by Alan J. Pakula with an Oscar for Jane Fonda and also starring Donald Sutherland. A policeman leaves the force to investigate the disappearance of a research scientist, and takes up with a call girl who is involved.

Klute aka Override aka Tom Withers, is one of the people responsible for pushing the envelope of Drum'n'Bass. He is associated with labels such as Certificate 18 and Octopus. His music strongly connected with the darkside of D'n'B, sharing label with Source Direct, Motive One and Photek.
Some of his most prominent tracks are "New Form Of Life" (which samples from the motion picture "The Andromeda Strain"), "Right Or Wrong" and, more recently, "Moving Finger". He has released two albums, "Casual Bodies" (cert18CD03), in 1998, and "Fear Of People" (cert18LP009) in 2000. Both are out on Certificate 18. Besides his numerous DJ-releases, he has also appeared on Certificate 18s first compilation "Hidden Rooms" (cert18CD001), and on the remixed compilation "The Widescreen Versions" (cert18CD002).

His music is always very moving and beautiful. "Fear of People" (steadily spinning on my turntable this very moment) is a very sombre and mellow album, set off by beautiful melodies and an intelligent, complex and highly dynamic breakflow. It is a stunning example of the true power of the dark side of D'n'B, of its capability to move mind, body and Soul.

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