A live-action character who has been the star of several programs on PBS since the late seventies. Wearing a spandex suit which has images of all his internal organs and combined skeletal/muscle structure, the focus of Goodbody's work is to promote health and a basic understanding of how the body works to an audience of five to ten year olds. The primary effect is designed to be basic education and promotion of knowledge, as Slim Goodbody has also hosted a few shows concerning basic reading and math skills.

The inadvertent effect is that Goodbody is scaring the holy bajeezus out several five to six year old children.

Of course it's an accident, but the fact is that Slim Goodbody is portraying a skinless man whose innards are exposed to casual viewing by everyone. No matter what the basic, altruistic intentions of this character are, those with especially vivid imaginations find themselves staring at a man who has been in some kind of grotesque industrial mishap--out of which only his head was miraculously saved. There, before your very eyes you can see Slim's intestines, biceps, ribcage, lungs, femurs, the whole unfortunate mess.

Add to this the fact that, as a somewhat advanced child, I understood Slim must be naked in order for me to see his entrails, and you see why this character--awash in musical numbers and dance routines--might be considered even more disturbing.

For a relatively uninformative website--as far as a bio on the man behind the gut-suit goes--visit http://www.slimgoodbody.com.