While men may act as though it's not big deal, and there's all that male posturing that goes on with them, is it safe to assume that it really is no big deal for them? I wonder, and my intuition says it is a big deal, and many of them feel trapped by this social myth that losing their virginity, or causing someone else to lose hers, is no big deal.

Sometimes I feel a lot of male hostility and adolescent male behavior (that's not necessarily limited to the adolescent ones) comes out of this... a kind of jealousy that you'll pick up on in lots of different ways and things that boys/men will do, say... whatever.

Then again, this is more a hunch than a clear reading of how most men feel, considering I don't have a base of experience to say how most men would feel about anything.

A lot is made of penis envy and theorizing about why women are the way they are (or are judged to be in the view of certain men)... much less often is this turned around, but you can find notions of this under: vagina envy and elsewhere. Granted, everything is not a random sample and cannot be relied on for objectivity or being representative. Still, a fascinating write-up, with many ramifications and interconnections.