these bite-sized finger sandwiches are delightful at a tea party or brunch. definitely for a more adult occasion, they look gorgeous and satisfying with their golden herby tops and their deep plum and leaf-coloured filling.

(makes 48 bite-sized sandwiches)

1. place the olives and lemon-infused olive oil in the bowl of a food processor; blend until smooth.
2. spread this paste over half of the bread slices. top with the bocconcini (try around 6 per sandwich), then top with the remaining bread.
3. heat a sufficient amount of olive oil for shallow frying in a large pan and fry each sandwich, on both sides, until lightly browned.
4. drain on paper towels, cut each in 4 squares, grind pepper over the top and serve right away.

(for a prettier look, consider tucking some extra rocket leaves into each sandwich before sandwich.)

*if you have trouble finding bocconcini, you need to find a substitute cheese. over in the "tomato, bocconcini and basil salad" node, sneff suggests you try mozzarella, feta, haloumi or goats cheese.