Actually, Stirling is not currently a city.

It is officially a town, although the much smaller Dunblane, a few miles away, is called a city simply because it happens to have a cathedral, whilst Stirling only has various churches.

On the other hand, Stirling recently made a bid to become a city at the start of the new millennium when the Queen made one UK town an 'honourary city'. Unfortunately, it was beaten by Inverness, although another Scottish town will be made a city next year, when the Queen celebrates the 25th year of her reign here in the UK.

As well as being near the site of the Battle of Bannockburn and the Bannockburn Herritige Centre, which is full of information on the battle led by Robert The Bruce, it is also the home of the Wallace Monument, errected in memory of William Wallace, who was another key figure in the Scottish Jackobite rebellion.

Obviously, Stirling Castle is also located here, which makes Stirling a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Especially Americans who saw Braveheart and want to come and say they climbed the Wallace Monument.

Although in my opinion, as someone who can see the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle just by looking out of my window, they are both rather boring places to visit when you could go to some more exciting place such as Alton Towers in England, or the various theme parks in Florida, or the rest of the United States. But apparantly, some people are extremely excited about the idea of being in the place where (we think) a bunch of people were killed hundreds of years ago. Even though there are probably people getting killed in their own back yards at home.