I just read Anna and her Mother: spinning me in circles and wanted to upvote it, but I need 11 more writeups before I can vote. Maybe you can go read it (if you haven't yet), and upvote it (if you like it). I have a daughter named Anna, and two others. Jenna is 14 months old and this is my second attempt to write this because she successfully deleted the first one.

I thought maybe I should suggest that people be allowed to vote earlier, but then I realized something. If I do the work of typing out the most important things in my head each day, and send them to everything, it would do me a lot of good. Good point, E2, and thanks to the designers of E2 for the rules that lead me to this conclusion, whether or not it was intentional. I learned to entertain the possibility that I am wrong, especially when I perceive a flaw in someone else's design. Now I make less of a fool of myself and I'm a lot smarter.

The last time I daylogged, I got a bunch of XP from upvotes. I didn't think what I wrote was very good, so it would only be fair if I lost them because of this one. You decide - if you have advanced a level already.
Belch - excuse me.
I see my kids 2.25 out of every seven days - a lot less than when I was unemployed for two months. That ended a couple weeks ago. Julia is sick this weekend. She still insisted on joining the race up and down the stairs this morning when I suggested it to Anna who is three. The rain kept us in all weekend and Anna was going crazy. She's a real live wire. They're both asleep now.

Last night my dad was talking about how land ownership is really quite contrived because "how can you own a piece of land?" Well, I knew what he meant. I suggested that possession or ownership should be considered not a right to use or control, but rather the responsibility to ensure that the owned or posessed thing is put to its best use. "Stewardship" he said, "yes, that's good way to look at it."

The best part of my weekend was lying in bed with my wife talking about what we would do with the house we're in the process of buying. The worst part of my weekend was the middle of Friday night when I woke up to find a sleeping squirming Julia with a fever trying to use my head as a pillow. "She has a fever," I said to Kim. "Well what do you want me to do about it?" Kim snapped at me. "Maybe tell me if she had one last night too, or that she didn't. It'd be nice to know," I snapped back. It got better after that. Julia and I went and rested on the couch for while, then I laid on her bed with her til she said "you can go back to bed now, daddy." She started doing that lately - telling me I could leave. I used to wait until she was asleep. So every cloud has a silver lining.