Good time does not need to be organized ahead of time. You just let it happen. Go with the flow.

It's Friday. cobie has the urge to go ice-skating on the newly opened frog pond in the Boston Common. He calls out to Boston noders on #e to come hang out. He wants to do a few things this weekend one of them being skating. So pretty soon, after going back and forth, urging this and that person, we have Orion, cahla, masukomi, illumina, drunkenmonkey and cobie forming a group ready to take over Boston. I would be meeting Orion and cahla for the first time.

I could not say no this time. Cobie had invited me and masukomi to skating on Wednesday and had turned him down. We got glares from him on #e. And I got plenty more while driving him to and from work. Besides I was in the mood to go out.

Anyhoo, we all met up at the Park Street station and went in search of food. We found what looked like food at Bennigans nearby. masukomi had limited luck. Can't take that vegie girl anywhere. The group rocked tho. We were loud. We were having fun. Conversations went this way and that way. Everyone had some sort of beer except me. I had some coke. Drinking and then skating. How irresponsible. It was clear that quite a few things were new to Orion, having been to Boston only twice before. He was taking it all in. Cahla was cool. Funny and engaging. Made the night even better.

We all stumbled out of the restaurant and arrived at the pond. The skates sucked. I still have broken skin because of it. The ice was all powdery and reminded me of the few times I've skied. Luckily I did not encounter any frogs. This was my first time. Loved it, despite the ice and the skates. Did not fall. But the balance of the Universe being what it is, I probably will meet the ice the next time around. masukomi and cobie looked like pros. illumina had to leave halfway thru.

After the skating we headed to a bar in 2 cars. BTW if you need a good decent parking area around Boston Common, try the garage right underneath it, the Boston Common Garage. Flat rate for the day during weekdays. We got to Crossroads soon afterwards. First went upstairs, then downstairs and then upstairs again. We made noise again. And that's always a good thing. Never ran out of things to talk about. I finally had some alcohol for the night. We stayed long enough for Orion to miss his train and stayed over at masukomi's.

We should do this again. More noders are welcome.

Next time, we're going to Golden Banana. yeah.

I'm kidding about the Golden Banana thing. Sorta.

ps. I hope this w/u satisfies masukomi, otherwise she can go and deal. thpth!!