A non-beta Acrobat Reader is indeed available for Linux and several Unixes for download. The following platforms are supported:

The reader uses Motif for the GUI. The Unix version seems to be able to read the latest PDF format fine, although that statement might not hold true.

The Unix versions, at least on Linux, come with two plugins:

  • Acrobat Weblink
  • Acrobat Forms Fill-in

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a Unix/Linux Reader with the option to search PDF files.

The Reader has one cute little feature where if only one window is open, with a PDF document, clicking on the kill-window button on your favorite window manager, will close the PDF document, instead of killing the program. A second click will then shut down the program.

If the user comes across PDF documents regularly, it might be wise to install Adobe's own Reader as backup to Ghostscript and Xpdf.