Also known as the Rifleman's Creed or the Marine's Creed, several of the lines of this simple poem are rather widespread through American culture, simply because of their common use in military movies. In the film Full Metal Jacket, they recite this creed before bed every night while holding their M-16s; Private Swofford shouts several lines repeatedly while jamming his rifle in the face of one of his teammates in the movie Jarhead. What most people don't know is that the Rifleman's Creed is actually still in use by the military. Though shown as archaic or barbaric in Full Metal Jacket, I was actually forced to memorize it when I was in boot camp just a few years ago. The Marine Corps considers it not only an invaluable way to increase a recruit's dedication to his rifle, and his pride in the Marine Corps, but it is also another one of the connections we have with all of our brothers from the past.

Major General Rupertus's poem is not only a wonderful work of art, but a priceless, and long-lived, tool of the American military. Welcome to the Suck, gentlemen.