The National Shooting Center is located near the village of Bisley, in Surrey, England. Naturally, being home to the longest range in the country and one of the widest ranges in the world meant it couldn't be situated *in* the village, but is rather built off of the Queens Road, which stretches from the village of Bisley to the nearby military base of Pirbrigt.

As with all long ranges, an area of empty space to act as a danger area is needed, and NSC Bisley shares its danger area with Pirbrights military ranges.


Prior to 1890, the annual 'Imperial' rifle meeting was held on Wimbledon Common, with wooden structured buildings being assembled there for the duration of the competition. This changed, however, when the permanent shooting center was opened up in Surrey. (Interestingly, most of the wooden buildings used at Wimbledon are now permanently located at Bisley, giving the architecture a decisively colonial feel).

-Long Ranges

The site has three long ranges. The Short Siberia Range is operated by a private company, The Bisley Shooting Ground (who also run hunting trips into the danger area when the ranges are not operating) and has firing points at 100 and 200 yards. Century Range has points up to a distance of 600 yards, however is almost as wide as it is long, with a truly impressive 108 lanes. Finally, Stickledown Range has facilities for shooting up to 1200 yards away.

-Short Ranges

There are then numerous short ranges scattered around the site, be they for pistol, gallery rifle, or zeroing. The NSC site is also home to the Lord Roberts Center; a lottery funded building with a 50 yard .22 range and an indoor range space that can be used in many configurations for ranges of between 5 and 100 meters. The building contains the NSRA kit shop, a cafe, and, bizarrely enough, an ice rink.

-Clay pigeon shooting

Bisley also contains the National Clay Shooting Center, and has facilities for all major shotgun disciplines.


Bisley has a number of permanent shops, as well as many additional stalls in the summer months. The NSRA shop in the Lord Roberts Center sells .22 and air rifles, as well as some more historical weapons and crossbows. It also has probably the widest selection of shooting clothing, including jackets and trousers, you will find on site. Fultons, located near the pavilion, is a gun-smiths and rifle stockists that sells basically everything that is legal to use in the United Kingdom, as well as various militaria. They have a small shop unit, as well as a larger show room displaying a range of air pistols and historical weapons. Other permanent stores include a shotgun store, and a store selling military surplus at prices that often seem ridiculously low. Stalls frequently include custom made ear defense, HPS target rifles, and collections of second hand rifles.


If planning on staying at the site during the Imperial meeting, be advised that it will be very busy. The majority of green space is available for camping, and many of the lodges also have available accommodation for hire, although members naturally get priority, and you often have to know a member to book. For a more 'luxurious' setting however, there is a proper hotel in the pavilion.

-Food and drink

Food can be found at many places around site, and drink at more. There is a restaurant in the NCSC, a burger shack named Jenny's by Century Range, snacks (as well as ice cold orange juice served in milk bottles)can be bought from a van across from the pavilion, and there is a cafe in the Lord Roberts Center. Most shooting clubs and associations from around the southeast base their headquarters here, and as well as the bar in the pavilion, some allow non-members in to get rat-arsed. Otherwise, try the Army Rifle Association or CCRS/TARA buildings.

Going there

So, want to shoot there? Grab yourself a rifle and head up for the Imperial Meeting. Otherwise, you're perfectly welcome to simply drive down there one day and have a mosey around. There's plenty in the stores to waste your money on, if you're into that sort of thing.

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