Is IQ genetic, or is it socially determined? If it is genetic, then the fact that some "races" have statistically lower IQ scores leads to the sort of conclusions inherent in The Bell Curve.

What this analysis fails to ask is whether "race" is genetically or socially determined. The common assumption is that "race" is genetic.

But this is not so. Biologists have been unable, despite vast efforts, to find any genetic marker of race. The accepted wisdom in the world of biology is that what lay people call "race" is simply a "folk category", with no scientific underpinning. In other words, there is no way to determine, through genetics or biology, what "race" a person is. Categorisation of people into races is 100% socially determined, and has nothing to do with science.

However it's not just a question of deciding who is "black", "white", "Asian" etc. We should be asking why people consider some differences to be important, and worthy of special categorisation, and not other differences.