What's new? Working on a few things: A database of members of the honors program with a web interface to add / review users. Learning lots about SQL and ASP. Web page design for honors program. Learning lots about photoshop and visual design elements.

Finished housesitting for the Dean of undergraduate studies. Apparently he was very pleased with the way I left the house. After spending a week with their dog, I noticed how small and cute my cats are. This weekend, going to see Weener (a great Weezer cover band) and Rainer Maria in Deep Ellum and Denton, respectively.

Ever feel like you just lost a month (or two)? This summer, I haven't been doing much. I haven't gotten a job or really looked, and I haven't had much meaningful contact. I've been a shut-in this summer. One of my best friends thought that I was out of town when I have been home the whole time. Why have I been doing this? Well, I suppose after what happened in January, I have felt less secure about myself. I have been examining myself and I believe that I have corrected many flaws. And, I realize the following line of thought is incredibly stupid, but I still think it: I still have flaws that I am aware of; I shouldn't be friends with anyone until I have erased all of these flaws. I haven't learned how to accept me, yet. And, I haven't tried to fix some of the bridges that I have burned (my friendship with K.)

Short note 1: Matt creeps the hell outta me.
Short note 2: I am a very abstract person.
Short note 3: It bothers me that real life cannot be wholly understood (unlike other 'thought-spaces').
SOTD: Talking shit about a pretty sunset by Modest Mouse