18th December 7:39pm GMT

Another day of complete boredem spent at school only god knows why i put up with it (for some reason a voice in my heads says its for your own good.)Well to be honest i have done no work whatsoever i school mainly because in a couple of days the school breaks up for school yay!

Over the past few days its starting to feel like it is winter time (for all the people that are thinking what this guy is talking about, i live in England.)Now over the past few weeks it has been raining quite a bit and not getting any colder, I think this is becasue of global warming. But i woke up this morning to find a proper frost covering the backgarden.

As soon as i got into school I has people commenting on the band that a I play in. You see my band had this gig on Sunday in my local town centre and there was a lot of people that I know walking about do their christmas shopping. It was quite a good gig,I thought it was going to be really crap with people not watching or kids running around shouting and be troublesome, but none of that happend!

so overall its been a fairly decent day!