In Calgary, we have the "Labour Day Classic", a CFL football game between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimoes. It takes place every year on Labour Day and is a great game between the two rival cities. Of course, being a Calgarian, I cheer for the Stamps and this year I was lucky enough to score great seats for the game (with a couple of girls no less).

Anyway, I'm not sure why it is or how it came about but it is a tradition at this game for someone to streak across the field. Last year the guy made it past all the security and police on the sidelines and streaked pretty much across the entire field before he was tackled.

This year, we had two attempts, both of which were unsuccessful. The first guy, who was actually wearing boxers I think, made it to the sidelines and was caught before he made it onto the field. The second guy made an attempt from one of the endzones, but was tackled by about 6 security guards just short of his goal. The second guy maintained his humour to the end though, for as he was being escorted away, hand-cuffed with a policeman on either side of him, he did a can-can dance to the music being played.

"Why would anyone want to get arrested like that?" one of the girls asked outloud.
Interesting question. It's not like running onto the field is a huge crime. Chances are both streakers will be charged with mischief and indecent exposure. In the end I suspect that they end up with a fine and are made to promise they will never do it again. It's not gonna ruin their life and isn't gonna result in any jail time.

Personally, I would never streak like that, even if I was pissed out of my mind. And in a way, I admire the streakers for having the guts to attempt it. And successful or not, it's a great story to tell all your friends. And it's one of those stories that you can tell over and over because it's so damn funny.

So is it just our Labour Day Classic that this happens, or are there streakers at any other sporting events on a regular basis?