The "credit card game" is a game played among several different circles of friends that I have.

The game is basically pretty simple. You get together with a bunch of friends and go out for drinks and food. In doing so you rack up a fairly decent size tab. When it's time to leave, everyone pulls out their credit card. The cards are placed randomly in a pile and mixed up. Then you get the waitress to put the cards behind her back and pick one. The owner of whichever card she chooses is the unlucky bastard who has to pay the entire bill.

I first played this game with a buddy of mine from work, who would play the game on a higher level, in that they would go on ski weekend vacations and play this game when the tab would be in the thousands of dollars.

Some variations on the game include:

  • the loser doesn't pay the tip, the rest of the players pay it
  • the loser doesn't have to play next time (ie. gets a freebee)
  • you can opt out of the game for your share plus $10