I love motorbikes. I never used to though, until I took a week long riding/safety course with a couple of buddies from work. After that I couldn't get enough of motorbikes; so much so, that I bought a new one a couple of months ago. Most guys like bikes too for the speed, acceleration and manueverability that a motorbike offers. Those guys that don't like bikes probably haven't had a bike or really haven't given it a chance. Women, on the other hand, seem to be more practical and dislike bikes due to safety considerations. However, there is something about bikes that appeals to women, despite my previous statement. It's hard to explain.

Let me set the scene a bit; I'm not Mr. Model. I mean, I'm not unattractive, but I'm really nothing special. I went camping this past August long weekend with some guys from my hockey team, like I have every year for the past 4 years. This year however, I got someone else to take my gear, and I rode my bike the four hours to the camping location.

I brought my spare helmet along because one of my team members was bringing his girlfriend and she had said she would like a ride. I thought that was an isolated incident, but that was not to be the case. I hadn't been at the campground more than a few hours when some girl came up out of the blue and asked if "that was my motorbike?" When I said yes, she asked if I would take her for a ride. Okay, I had known this girl all of two minutes and she wanted me to take her for a ride. Of course, I agreed. And this happened several more times thoughout the weekend. And once I took my buddy's girlfriend for a ride and she told some other girl how much fun it was, she too wanted a ride.

It's weird, it seems that to women, bikes are dangerous, that is until they get up close to some guy on a bike and then all rules are out the window.

I don't understand the world sometimes...