When I was 17, me and my mate worked at the rifle ranges in Bisley. Bisley ranges are the biggest in the world, I think, and there are lots of rifle clubs that have clubhouses there. On big competition weekends, like the Queen's Shoot, it was our job to collect the entrance fee of £3 from everyone who wanted to bring a car in. Normally you could come in for free, but on competition weekends everyone had to pay £3. It was that simple.

Now there were some people who would refuse to pay, because they considered their membership fee to be quite enough, thank you very much. Some would actually speed up as you stepped out in front of their cars, forcing you to leap aside! The thing was, you always knew that when this happened, the (big, expensive) car receding into the distance would have an 'Artists' Rifles' sticker in the window.

I don't know whether this is what has become of the distinguished regiment described above. That would suck.

I have to say, none of these guys really looked like Wilfred Owen types to me.