An illicit brothel in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst specialising in the fulfillment of sexual fantasies. Although brothels are outlawed in New South Wales, this establishment maintains a clean face by also purporting to be a nightclub.

The club is situated opposite the Hare Krishna Temple and is adjacent to both Mario's Fish and Chips (a family owned and run business operating in the district of Darlinghurst for over thirty five years) and the Gates of Babylon, a cafe. The single door entrance to the club is set in a small, non-descript red frame, with a single flight of stairs, leading downward. Bouncers stand at the base of the stairs, and are shamefully lenient with proof-of-age checks (which is 18+ in NSW).

Generally, patrons of The Lord of the Flings are surprisingly mature, but variant. The nightclub section is populated mainly by the age group 17-25, many of whom pretend to be blissfully unaware of the establishment's other facilities.

Lord of the Flings - Price List - mostly incl GST ($Australian = $US0.52)

Rum and Coke $6.5
Gin and Tonic $7.0
15 Min Quickie $100.0
Bombay Sunset $9.0
Pop-Suckin' Cowboy (with straw) $10.5
Jasmine Slip'er $15.0
Crown Lager $7.0
Souvenir T-Shirt $40.0
Blow Job $75
Water $0.0
Nuts (salted) $3.5
Fantasy of Choice (2 costumes) $325.0 (+$50.0 for each extra costume)
A Hobbit (House Specialty) $10.0


Bartender $25/hr
Bouncer $30/hr
Other Employee wages are unknown.