That which was done

Well I got to work and discovered that the external CD-ROM unit that was supposed to be picked up for repair last Tuesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Monday, and Tuesday, was still sitting on BluePrintVert's desk. A is not happy about this as he is having to use an old bulky laptop without all his software on it. I phoned up I am not going to protect their name any longer and was rude to them. They have promised faithfully that it will be picked up tomorrow before 10am, even setting up the collection manually instead of relaying on their computers... I'll believe it when I see it.

K's Windows 2000 test server suffered a setback, the motherboard is &*$%^%&ed, at least that is what the bleep code is reporting. We are sending it back... to This time they are not even trying to pretend it will be sorted out soon, they have to get it on back order which means a wait of up to two weeks. K is overjoyed as I'm sure you can imagine.

K also managed to retrieve most of the data from the ancient DAT tapes from our Crewe office and asked me to dump them on to a CD. "How much space to they need?" I ask, "Only a few megabytes." he replies. I was about to suggest using floppy disks whn WinOnCD finally finished getting the file sizes off the Novel server. It only just fit on a CD, 648Mb!

By the time they finished transfering to the disk (its only a 4 speed IDE model CD Writer) we thought that our courier (i.e. employee from Crewe who was down with us for the day) had gone, but we were lucky and I managed to track him down.

WH Smith hammered a hole in my bank balance, by knocking 2/3s off their Doctor Who videos. That forced me (I really had no choice!) to purchase no less then five tapes.

Since getting him I have spent the entire evening watching TV and working on Mick The Mystic Monkey and Friends. It is now up to version 1.6 and he actually has a friend now. You can find out about Mick, and his friends, and ask them questions, at

PC Plus came today, and hapily had another O'R book on the CD. This time on CGI programming which I am sure I am going to find very useful. I can't wait until September when I replace my computer (and get a DVD Rom drive) becuase PC Plus puts loads of great stuff on the DVD edition of the mag.

That which was planned

  • Get hair cut; No I did that on May 23, 2000 must be force of habit making me type it
  • Really sort out database, especially disciplines section;Umm, no. And time is running out. I'll forego finishing the project on time in favour of finishing the write up in time. Guess I'll have to make the ending up.
  • Start writing up report of NEBSM course. Due next Wednesday!!!; Arghhh Most unconstructive day.
  • Sort out sayings for the monkey on and create biography of the monkey.;This I managed. I also started the penguin, although he only has about 10 things to say right now.