The end of a lousy week.

I started the day off listening to Bjork, Elvis Costello and Tricky. I was being rocked by emotions that didn't seem to be caused by the music because I wasn't really listening. I mentally grounded myself and decided to just ride it out.

I got /msg 'd by an editor for the second time in a week (second time in my life) regarding relevance of the content of a writeup I just added to a node. Different editor same type of complaint and same threat of nuking. The node was getting voted up and down (at least 5 votes either way in the first 15 minutes) and I'm of the opinion that if it is relevant enough to be voted on that iy is definitely a valid writeup. I wrote what I wrote and I was going to let it stand either way. It just bothered me because it felt like very subjective criteria were being pushed on me. I was going to send a biting /msg back, but again, I decided to keep my mouth shut and ride it out.

I usually stay until 7:30 to 8:00 pm, but I'm leaving at 5:00 today!