Too Damn Early: Woke up. Drove her to class. Drove her to withdraw from Precalculus. Came home. Lazed about in bed.

Midday: Woke up again. Went to Amy's. Got a migraine.

1500: Went to Summit, NJ, to see Mom, 2nd-cousin, uncle. Mom gave me a fioricet (butalbital) and sent me home. I like phenobarbitols. They make my head stop hurting.

1900: Home. Pizza. Everything.

I am feeling far too crappy to be witty or engaging. This writeup is for my own record.

I am me
	I won't define me and you won't find me
I am me
	I won't display me and you won't see me
I am me
	I won't describe me and you won't hear me
I am me
	I won't broadcast me and you won't feel me
I am me
	Why should I give you any information
	If you want to know me you'll have to try
	And chances are you won't succeed
	I know your tactics
	But if you are original you might reach me
	And you might not like what you see
	And you might be confused by what you see
	And you might be scared of what you see
But you either know me or you don't