Oi, so the holidays have begun, la-di-da. And thankfully with only three more weeks of school left I'm not feeling all too stressed out... yet.

I suppose Thanksgiving could have been worse, and I think I successfully mentally prepared myself for the four day trip that was Kansas City with the family.

Question: Who knew that herding cattle was such a chore? Because I'll tell you something, even with a 75 horse-power ATV and a fairly enclosed pasture you're still going to want to give yourself a good few hours (granted you have no prior experience) to get them to go where you want. Even if you have a plan as to how you're going to move them when push-comes-to-shove those bovines are suprising stubborn, especially when it comes to the mothers and their calves. Lucky for me I had a four-wheelie that could be easily dropped into neutral and reved just enough into scaring them to move. What I suggest is getting someone who knows what they're doing to help you out with the basics.