So upon returning to my hometown for just over a week now, I've realized that I desperately miss the college life. Don't get me wrong, summer is awesome in that I can once again relax and stay up late and eat crappy food... but upon further inspection I've found that I never really stopped doing those things when I left for school, I just had to balance them with those pesky classes. Either way I'm back here now, and bored as hell.

My friends haven't really changed much, except maybe in their quest for harder and more mind-altering drugs. I just found out that my friend Harry is building a closet setup in which he will be growing multiple strands of Cannabis, Salvia, Psychodelic Mushrooms, and Opiates. But of course he's only going to sell them to "personal friends". I've also found that of everyone's music collections, mine's the only one that's changed from being a whole mess of Metallica and Tool. I tried playing The Arcade Fire's Funeral and Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over the Sea but they all just stared at me as though I'd just played static. Oh well.

I'm currently planning a trip to Argentina to do a little skiing and a little backpacking, anything to get away from this comatose of a town. And with the Argentinian economy actually managing to be worse than ours its looking to be a rather cheap endeavor as well. My friends from school all want postcards, and so I've collected the addresses of the following:

  • Hilary
  • Ottie
  • Tasha
  • Caroline
  • Laura
  • Kate
  • Kelley
  • Shalea

Hopefully you can now start to understand why I so desperately long for summer to end.

oh, and Jake and Peter wanted me to pick up some pure Colombian cocaine, should be a breeze.