My final correspondence to the friends and fam from Bariloche, Argentina:

Hello once again,

So Chapelco was pretty lame I´d say, too much of a family-oriented resort with some so-so snow. Cerro Catedral is much better, with some truly amazing views and sweet off-piste shoots that, with a little more fresh snow, would be perfect. Also the hostel I´m staying at in Bariloche (La Bolsa) is full of really chill people with lots of cool shit to do (there´s a climbing wall built into the house, for instance) plus its only a 5 minute busride from the slopes. Coming into Bariloche was the first point at which I actually became homesick, I think because the mountains here are so similar to those of Colorado. I must have gotten in a little better shape since coming here because I´ve been easily able to go on some pretty gruelling hikes with some compadres right after skiing. Also, I´ve changed my mind concerning the whole dropping school and coming down here after next semester, instead I´m thinkin of planning a trip out to Asia. News of the bombings in London were the first real dose of world news I´ve had since coming here, and what´s worse is my new friend Kim´s cousin was one of the casualties. With less than a week left I´m both anxious to get home and sad to leave the one´s I´ve met. But who knows, maybe I´ll meet up with them somewhere in Malaysia in my continued travels. Oh and I´ve also been planning a roadtrip out west in early August with my G-town amigos, so those of you out there be warned! we might just show up and crash your house in the middle of the night like ninjas, word.

As always: peace, love and rock,

cinco cuatro tres dos uno