Library: special collection of various sources of information, which are organized in such a manner that patrons can access specific articles of information; staffed with individuals whose sole purpose is to disseminate said information upon request and/or demand. Libraries can be:

Public: (paid for with tax dollars and accessible by all members of the community)

Special/Private: paid for by sponsoring business or organization- usually used as a reference source for members and sometimes patrons of the business or organization. This is the catch-all category, it also may be a special collection of Elvis memoriablia and books related to The King, patrons are whoever sponsors the library feels like granting access to; may also be the library for a newspaper which is used to reference stories, etc

Academic: Affiliated and funded by a college or university, used as a resource for members of the college or university (students, staff, alumni)

School: Attached to public or private schools, inventory reflects the specific learning goals and objectives the school sets up for its students; patrons are students and teachers, sometimes parents

Resource: LIS 600 (Foundations of Library Science UNCG)