Techno-Jargon term used in Star Trek and possibly other Science Fiction television programmes or films. Used to transport plasma around starships or stations for some important (but rarely explained) reason.

I assume that all the computer terminals in Star Trek need constant supplies of super-energetic gas to work. It seems that every station manned by an unknown character (i.e. red shirt or bridge ensign) has a conduit running behind the screen. If the ship or station is under attack, the conduit will then explode at the earliest opportunity, showering sparks (rather than a stream of superheated gas) over the unlucky crew member. This will normally kill them instantly, unless a high ranking officer is within reach to watch the unknown person die.

Strangely enough, there are no conduits running behind high ranking officer's terminals. If there are, then I would assume that they are reinforced or the emergency "oh fuck we're under attack" shut-off-valves work properly.

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