When an archeaologist looks through the archived journals and papers of past times, they find the news and encyclopedias interesting. However, it's the editorials, diary entries, letters, arguments and jokes that provide the most insight into how a people were thinking, feeling and dealing with life.

Back in the 16th century, people weren't writing their letters thinking "ooh, I must make sure I put interesting and factual things in here because someone in the 21st century will be disappointed if I don't." People didn't organise their diaries specifically to put their version of events across to me in the 21st century, they wrote about feelings, hopes, fears, loves and hates.

It doesn't matter where E2 is going, we should just live the experience and stop trying to "debug" our conversations. E2 is not a piece of software with a bug list, we won't get prizes for good design or useful correspondence.

E2 will be useful however it is used.