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Well, why the hell wasn't I invited?

3:35 BST

The neighbours are having some kind of orgy next door. It sounds as though maybe 3 couples are having sex at the same time. (or they maybe have a porn movie on with a really good sound system) But no, there's a lot of slapping sounds and knocking of furniture on walls, combined with male screams and female gasps...

But what is really bugging me? Well, my other neighbour has obviously woken up and put some loud music on to drown out the sex sounds from this orgy. And I think one of the participants is providing a running commentary to someone over the phone.

And I need the sleep, dammit.

13:45 BST

Well, for once I got the sleep. But it seemed that I missed you online :( Anyway, whilst waiting for this silly server to install software, I have written shadow girl just for you. :)