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16:15 BST

yay for steam!

Something really weird happened while I was unpacking the steamer to strip some wallpaper. I found my old vectrex inlay cards. It was really weird because my family and I have been searching for these cards for ages!

I was worrying for a long time about the state of the walls in my bedroom - I didn't trust the previous owners at all. I had thought that they had papered over any cracks or mould in the bedroom. Well, I was wrong. From what I have uncovered so far, my walls are OK.

Get this guy to a pub, stat!

I'm almost excited about getting back to work; masukomi's request for perl coders seemed to come at precisely the right time to reignite my interest in all things hackish. I have made a simple decision; I will no longer wait for managerial approval before doing anything. You see, any little thing I wanted to do I would run past my project leader, which he would promptly refuse. Well, now I will just spend the two or three hours needed to make a cgi perl build watcher script (for example) and to hell with the silly NT vs. Linux politics.

Wow, I am almost looking forward to getting back there... wow.

* Dizzy goes hot and cold all over...