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Ahh, angst

Finally managed to book a plane ticket. It's a little sad that while it's easy to book over the web, it's cheaper to phone up the travel agent and say "I want to go here for this price." Needless to say, they managed to sort out a ticket that was 30 pounds cheaper than the online ticket on the same plane, same time. So, I would imagine that I will need travel insurance and other such boring things.

Bared a little of my soul to another person this morning. It's sad that somehow I have lost the ability to cry, even when recounting some of the most horrible things that have happened in my short life. I suppose that when all you have to worry about is downvotes, PC crashes and hating microsoft, you're doing OK. It's strange that for a given set of circumstances people seem to find the same amount of angst to moan about.

A note on nuking: I had a node nuked this week. There was no /msg and the reason given was that it was too sugary. Ah, well, I can now understand some people's rants on the subject. Shouldn't people at least get a message and a chance to amend or change the node?

Panic has already set in. No new clothes, no gifts, self loathing and fear of the unknown are all lining up to turn me into a gibbering wreck over the next 2 weeks. Shit. I don't even have a thick jacket, only this silly fleece. Well. 3 days. I should be able to manage.

Phone bill. Astonishing amount of money. Must restrict communication to carrier pigeon or maybe irc. That sucks.

Reader's note: if you've actually read this daylog instead of just dumping votes, then you probably won't understand this log. Well, you're not meant to.