A teaching of Jesus' during The Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus teaches that the only reason that a couple should get divorced is unfaithfulness.

Again, I have trouble accepting this blindly. It's common sense that people can make the wrong decision about a relationship, that even years into a marriage people change, or circumstances force people apart. I don't accept that all relationships are salvageable - however much I want the world to be perfect and happy.

My parent divorced when I was 8 years old. This destroyed the happy confident child that was me, but it changed my Mother from a nervous, scared, weak, submissive woman whom people said would be on welfare within a year. It changed her into a happy, confident, silly (in the best possible way), independent woman with her own house and good qualifications. I can't accept that my Mum is somehow doomed in God's eyes; I can't fathom someone thinking that my Mum will somehow be turned away from Heaven