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OK, OK, I'm just another hypochondriac

9:40 BST

Just got into work from the Asthma clinic. Essentially I just have to take more drugs to keep my "mild" asthma under control. I hadn't thought it was mild, but apparently I take a lot less than some children half my age...

I don't want to be a good corporate bunny today. There's a lot of nice hacking to be done, but I have to do other, more boring, things first.

I'm organising a cinema and curry trip for some of my colleagues on Thursday - we're going to see the X-Men previews (It's not been released in the UK yet)

Therefore I'm running around collecting money from people and trying to note whether they're eating afterwards. It's such a hassle to organise engineers, rather like herding cats. None of the Alpha Geeks can agree on the curry venue and I don't even want to think about car sharing or other such logistical details...

13:00 BST

Our managers are too busy recruiting to keep their current staff...

20:20 BST

Just installed Windows Me, aka Windows Millennium Edition. It's... a total anti-climax. And my graphics card doesn't seem to be supported. And it overwrote the boot sector.

Microsoft just keeps reinforcing my contempt for all its products

Aside from that? Well, All this lifting and assembling of heavy broadcast equipment has increased my upper body mass. Not much, just enough for me to notice (and smile smugly :-)

Mental Note: Could narcissism be a step to self esteem?