Yves was born in his family's bakery, so how could anyone not expect this healthy baby boy to grow up turning sugar and butter and water into chocolate? He was born in 1939, but the small town of Lempaut, Tarn of southern France would have to wait at least 14 years for Mr. Thuriès to indulge himself as an apprentice of confectionery and pastry cooking. Yves spent more than a decade travelling around France, perfecting his craft under many different masters with many different specialties.

Under his masters, Yves became renowned for his confectionery treats of all kinds. He spent his travelling years working a wide variety of jobs, including small town bread and pastry shops in the southern villages of France to large hotel kitchens in Paris.

In 1976, Yves Thuriès was elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman in France) twice. He was honored in the categories of Confectioner/Caterer and Sweets and Ice-cream Confectioner, or as a Métier de Bouche (professions of mouth) winner.

His recognition led him to settling down in the medieval town of Cordes-sur-Ciel, where he bought an old hunting lodge and transformed it into one of the most lavish hotels in the area, complete, of course, with a 5-star kitchen.

His hotel business boomed, providing Thuriès the notoriety to begin publishing a monthly culinary magazine, THURIÈS Magazine. Today, the publication has become global, reaching 200,000 readers monthly in over 100 countries. Thuriès has also published numerous recipe books over his career.

In 1991, Yves officially released his own brand of chocolates, and a decade later he developed his chocolate macaroon. The macaroon was such a scrumptious and unique treat that Yves received a "Leader of Innovation" title from the French culinary arts community.

Today, Yves spends his time cultivating new tasty creations at the High National School of Pastry in Yssingeaux, France, of which he is now a co-owner. He is also the owner of 55 name-branded stores across the world.

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