A Special Day (For A Special Lady)

The stage lights go up. A man and a woman, both in aprons, stand facing the audience. Both of them are in three-quarter stance, mirroring each other.

Man: "Doesn't that just get you?"
She is confused, and arches a single eyebrow.
Woman: "What?"
He gestures to the scene before him.
Man: "The beauty."
She scoffs.
Woman: "You and your beauty. It's just arranged differently."
Man: "No, it's beautiful."
He makes a sing song expression with his hands.
Man: "Just the way it is."
Woman: Whatever.
She chews the inside of her cheek, and looks up, and to the left.
Woman: "Flowers?"
Man: "Fresh cut, for her highness."
Woman: "No antagonism, not today."
He waits a beat.
Man: "Sunday?"
Woman: "Abortion day."
He makes a sour face.
Man: "Gross. Why is that any of our business?"
Woman: "She wants support in her decision. She wants a family."
Man: "Then she should skip the abortion."
Woman: "Not a family she has to take care of."
Man: "Just people to do things for her?"
She nods.
Woman: "Precisely."

Lights dim.