to change name

Seattle(AP)- Leading Internet retailer stunned markets today with a surprise announcement of a radical change in the company's focus and a brand new name.

According to Terrance Phillip, company spokesman, Amazon will be changing it's name to effective immediately. The name change is to reflect the reality that the company, while organized as a corporation, is in fact a non-profit organization working to enhance the lives of several thousand Seattle area yuppies.

Shares soared more than 25% as analysts widely hailed the move as a bold step in a new direction. According to Ian Affluence, chief analyst for investment bank Cognomination, Agnomen, and Orismology, "This is brilliant. They're way ahead of the curve, again! I expect that they'll be able to lose much more money, much faster, now that they won't have to pay all of those pesky taxes. They should really start to see some economies of scale in their non-profit efforts over the next few quarters."