The bacon sizzles and we exchange a charged glance. I'm clutching a fleece blanket around me, but it's pretty obvious I'm naked.

He's looking at me again, smiling mischievously. All at once he's coming at me, and I have to sit down onto the stool underneath me to steady myself. He presses me up against the wall and I lift my arms above my head so the blanket falls to expose my bare tits. His hands and his mouth and his body press up against them hard and he reaches down between my legs. I stifle a moan as he fucks me with his fingers, letting my gaze rest on the lit stove.

"We're going to burn it," I say. But my body doesn't listen to my words. Neither does he. His hands are still roaming all over me like he can't get enough. My fingers effortlessly undo the tie to his robe and...

"This is probably dangerous."


"It's a fire hazard."

"Yeah." He pushes his fingers deep inside me and I feel the shock throughout my entire body.

For fuck's sake, who can argue with that?