Title: Stardust: Being a Romance Within the Realms of Faerie
Author: Neil Gaiman

Publication Information
    In-Print Editions
  1. Paperback
    June 2001 (272pp.)
    Publisher: Harper Perennial; ISBN: 0060934719
  2. Hardcover
    February 1999 (256pp.)
    Publisher: Avon Books (Trd); ISBN: 0380977281
  3. E-Book
    July 2001 (354kb./352pp.)
    Publisher: PerfectBound; ISBN: B00005N5HV
  4. Hardcover (LARGEPRINT)
    June 2001 (page count N/A)
    Publisher: Thorndike Pr (Largeprint); ISBN: 0786233575
  5. Paperback (GRAPHICAL NOVEL)
    July 1999 (224pp.)
    Publisher: DC Comics; ISBN: 156389470X
      Some notes about the graphical novel version of Stardust:
    • I have seen two different covers for the paperback version of Stardust. Due to inconsistant information from Amazon.com and bn.com (Barnes and Nobles' website), however, I am listing only one set of information. I'm not sure which website is confused.
    • It is illustrated by Charles Vess.
    Out of Print Editions
  1. Paperback
    Date N/A (page count N/A)
    Publisher: Spike; ISBN: 0380804557
  2. Hardcover (GRAPHICAL NOVEL)
    October 1999 (224pp.)
    Publisher: DC Comics; ISBN: 1563894319
(Publication info accurate as of July 01, 2002 and as well as one may trust Amazon.com and bn.com)

Some Misc. Editorial Reviews
"Eminently readable---a charming piece of work." -Washington Post Book World

"A charming comic romance...Gaiman is a storytelling titan whose range, like his imagination, knows no bounds." -Dayton Daily News

"Marvelous...a tumble of adventures...as comfortable and familiar as a mug of hot cider on a blustery winter night." -Cleveland Plain Dealer

"His finest work yet...Sometimes sparse, sometimes witty, often lyrical...prose as smooth as 12-year-old scotch." -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Plot Summary
Tristran Thorn lives in a town called Wall. Wall is called Wall because there is a rather lengthy wall running the entire length of the town's eastern border. There is a break in this wall. This break is guarded day and night by two guards. Tristran finds his way past these two guards. He walks over the meadow just beyond the wall, and makes his way into the realms of Faerie. Tristran is searching for a fallen star, which he must find for Victoria Foster, that he may marry her. Little does he know his quest will be hardened by an ancient witch in search of youth, murderous brothers in search of royal inheritance, an evil little woman who sells impossible glass figures, and the star herself.